Thursday, July 22, 2010

inspirational images

these are some of my favorite, most inspirational pictures from my collection...three of these were spontaneous finds...the most inspiring way to come across an image...the orchid and the sunrise involved a little planning

i love pictures of sunrises...maybe because i don't see them all that often (the sun rise...not the picture)...but the picture reminds me how fresh and new a sunrise can make me feel...invigorating.

i love this orchid...the texture and depth are mesmerizing...i can't help but think of ansel adams when i see it (no, i don't think i'm any ansel adams, but one of his pet peeves was keeping the aperture as small as possible to catch every little detail)

the first thing i find inspiring in this photo is the's so rich and calming...i also love the texture along the rail and anchors, it's just about time to paint them again...the movement here is wonderful...makes me feel like i'm headed to someplace sunny and wonderful.

i'm not sure what is most inspiring about this image...i'd like to say something deep, like the idea that old dredges marked for disposal have found new life as a barrier reef is a wonderful metaphor for reinventing yourself...but i think my love affair with this image is the's so surreal and alien...and yet that's exactly how the camera captured it, no filter, no photoshop.

i love the contrast in this picture...i could stare at it for hours...eyes truly are the window to the soul and when you get this close to a pair you can't help but see yourself reflected there.

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