Wednesday, July 21, 2010

20 pictures about me

so, every year the family takes pictures for christmas cards...they don't actually get sent out for christmas of course...but this past year we did get them mailed out by sometime in march. this picture was from that photo shoot...jj is the older beast, xander is the little husband, troy, and i round out the cast of characters.

right before xander was born we took some family pictures and i caught this shot while testing the guys are pretty much my world.

this past winter we took the big beast ice-skating for the first time...troy got the wild effects on this shot...i love beautiful accidents.

our whole family loves karaoke...i'm holding the eldest here, back in the day when we ran the show...for about five years my hubby and i hosted the karaoke show at a wonderful little place called the flying saucer.

this is my dad with his cocker spaniel luci martini...he wanted to walk into his house and hollar, "lucy!"...he was the most powerful force in my life forever...he died in 2008.

my madeleine married my dad the same year i got married...a few years later they decided to open a shoe store at the lake...this was our ribbon cutting ceremony...i have a very fitting shirt that declares i "will work for shoes."

a storm rolls in on the lake off the dock at my family's lake house...i love watching lightning and storms on the lake roll in quite pretty.

so i won a karaoke contest...the prize was going up to tennessee and recording a cd...this was the back cover i designed for it...the music wound up sucking but i learned a ton from the experience...and now i have plenty of costers

zoos in australia are totally different from zoos in the usa...once you get past the neon red hair you'll see that i'm feeding a wallaby.

and this is at a friend's wedding in australia...this color was my hair just before the red...i decided that i loved wild colors but i'll wait until i can't have my natural color before trying purple.

i have crocheted since i was a little girl...i learned to knit a few years back...i took a class to make these fingerless gloves because i would learn to knit on double pointed needles, knit in a circle, and knit cables...i don't take classes very often, but that one had a lot that i could learn.

one summer i went up to michigan and earned a crazy amount of money in a short time...when i came home i bought a guitar, an electric bass, and this split window mini-bus...she was running until my hubby let the gas congeal by not driving it the few months i had to live out at the lake...but we're working on restoring her.

this is the car that i always thought would be my first classic...i still haven't had one yet...but it's still the car of my dreams

my husband and i got married in savannah...this is wesley's on one of the squares down there...we chose it because it was the only one that would marry non-members and i wasn't driving down to savannah from athens every week just to be part of a church.

a big ol' sheep skull hanging in ireland...found it on the trip when i met my husband...this remains one of my favorite pictures i have ever taken.

i got to pet this beautiful shark before he turned around to pose for me...i'm one of those crazy people who'll strap on a tank to go underwater and chase sharks...i don't understand why they usually run from me.

this is another vacation picture...i love this shot...i took it eons ago while para-sailing in the bahamas.

hairy dog and uga...took this while working as a student photographer for the university of georgia athletic association.

my first good football picture...too bad you don't see champ bailey's face...i was on the field with a yearbook pass for this shot...but this is how i knew i wanted to work for the athletic association when my dad told me i was getting a job with the really expensive camera he had just bought me.

this was a whole 'nother opportunity i had to shadow and shoot dr. jack miller at the atlanta motor speedway...indy car...this was his last season racing.

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