Saturday, July 31, 2010

word mark logos

please find below a selection of logos with icons or images which replace a letter of the word...thank you.

several of the above designs came from

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the greatest inventions of all time

here's a list of my favorite inventions of all time...some of my buds who happened to be around when i picked them were incredulous that i didn't chose things like “hammer” so i could build a house (i decided that wasn't so important because a house can be woven from thatch or something) or the ever important “toaster”, right or wrong these are my most loved inventions

number 1 on my list...written language

number’s, when are they going to release this thing for home use?

number 3...sailing...there's just something about the ocean...i really think i was named name means ‘guardian of the sea’

number 4...or this could really be 3b...modern scuba diving...the most sublime activity humans can participate in

number 5...or is it 4?...anyways, what did people do before you could capture an image just as it is? cave painting, really?

number 6...maybe 5...mmm, cars *swoon*

number 7/6...tea...what a happy accident

okay, time to clarify the numbers...this one is definitively 7b...herbs and spices...if you don't appreciate proper seasoning of food, go live in london for a'll understand how important a little seasoning is

number 8...karaoke...though this invention is a double edge wonderfully fun as karaoke is, the first time you hear some tone deaf alto try to sing celine dion you start to wonder if it's a good idea after all

number 9...tivo...never care when a show comes on again

number 10...the, i don't have one yet...but it's the evolution of the e-reader and the tablet pc...i so need one


i had an irresistible urge to put this picture first for no apparent reason

lemon drinks are tasty...i think i may use this adjective too much when talking about lemons!

a lemon emigrant...i assume it's a type of butterfly (not moth) but i'm not an expert

lemon sharks like tropical waters...think caribbean and pacific islands

two very tasty looking lemon desserts

a lemon bar buffet

lemon flower

lemon zest

lemon heart

lemon citrine

wtf?!? mutant lemon!

love the evil grin

cool lemon

scary little knit lemon

lemon sniffy stickers

lemon battery

guess this guy wasn't happy with his ipod

never heard of this before...but it looks tasty


a few smart quotes too...

to contrast with dumb quotes there must be smart quotes are a few examples of “smart” (or curly) quotes.