Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yellow to the blind...

so, this was a make up assignment for our creative thinking class since some people missed the 2 minute mark last week...since i'm not in the group of mandatory performers i thought i'd post my text here...just in case i don't get to share it in class.

Can you feel it? The warmth of a gentle sun on the first day of spring? You forgot your jacket and as you turn back to get it you realize that it isn’t needed. That warmth, right there, that’s yellow.

It’s feng shui fire energy…not the blistering roar of red…not the front row of the bonfire that’s burned too long on a crisp fall night, but the enchanting softness of a gentle glowing fire…the pleasant burning swell of energy and excitement in the cozy fireplace on a snowy December morning.

Yellow is early morning…it’s the sun rise knocking away the chill from the twilight. It’s quiet. It’s welcoming.

Now smell it. Can you detect the scent of a lemon? Clean, fresh, crisp. Now a field of lightly scented flowers? Daffodils? The pure scent of those flowers after a gentle spring shower has washed away the clutter. That’s yellow.

Yellow isn’t the dark, cold smell of dank mildew…not the oppressive smell of rotting food…but it is the clear, pleasant scent of sun dried laundry, and a freshly cleansed kitchen or bathroom.

Do you hear it? The quiet giggle of little girls as the sun sets, late in a summer’s evening? The melodic tinkle of wind chimes as a comfortably, warm breeze cuts through the suffocating heat and humidity that has settled on the seat of a Southern porch swing?

It’s not the sharp, painful clang of marching band cymbals…yellow is more mellow…like the gentle ring of finger cymbals. It’s not the dark rush of a violent thunderstorm…instead, yellow is the sweet chirp of small birds greeting the morning. Small, mellow, sweet. That’s yellow.

Finally, will you taste it? Tangy? Tart? A little sour? A little sweet? Yellow is the slight accent that completes the perfect meal…without yellow there’s a little something missing (and it isn’t salt).

Yellow is the color of cheerful exuberance and excited joy. It is a child. Yellow brings hope. It is warm and cozy…welcoming and uplifting. Yellow is an endorphin rush. Yellow is happy.

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